Preschool Elementary Application Preschool Elementary Application (122 KB)

Jr / Senior High Application Jr / Senior High Application (136 KB)

Referral Program

A $500.00 credit will be given for first time referrals. The referring family will receive credit in January. Referral certificate must be submitted upon registration of new student. Certificates are available in the school office.


Payments are due the first day of each month beginning August through May. Monthly billing statements are not sent out; therefore, it is the responsibility of the parent to pay their child’s tuition by the first of each month. Tuition not received by the tenth of the month will result in a late fee of $25.00. All accounts must be current before report cards are released. Parents should contact the office immediately if they experience difficulty in meeting scheduled payments. Payment policies are detailed in the Parent/Student Handbook.


ECS is a ministry of Faith Baptist Church and is, therefore, a nonprofit religious entity and educational institution. While tuition and other stated fees are not tax-deductible, all donations are. Tuition and fees cover 80% while 20% is covered through donations and fund raisers. ECS appreciates all those who contribute to its ministry since tuition alone does not cover operating expenses of Christian education. Please make checks payable to EASLEY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL and indicate contribution when applicable.

Early and Late Stay Fees

ECS offers early stay from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 A.M. and late stay until 6:00 p.m. If you plan for your child to be in either early or late stay, YOU MUST register in the office. Registration of students is essential to ensure the proper staff-to-child ratio