United Scrip, SchoolStore.com and BoxTops for Education

United Scrip is a fundraising program allowing parents, family, and friends to help the school financially.  By purchasing gift cards for stores, restaurants, and services the family already uses, a rebate comes back to the school which is divided by formula to the school and the purchaser.  Payouts to the purchasers are made several times throughout the year or can be accumulated and applied to school expenses.  Many ECS families make beneficial use of the United Scrip Gift Card program.

Students, family, friends are encouraged to do their online shopping through ECS’s SchoolStore.com online store.  Over 400 well-known merchants have agreed to give back to schools up to 50% of the purchases made through this online store.  Families can also assist individual teachers by donating gift cards through the store.  In the past ECS has received over $1000 through SchoolStore.com.

Parents, family, and friends of ECS collect BoxTops for Education coupons from various products.  These coupons are worth $.10 each and accumulate to provide several hundred dollars each year to ECS.  Coupons can be submitted to the school office and can be designated for specific grade classes.