Philosophy of Education

The philosophy of Easley Christian School emphasizes the interrelationship of three institutions working together for the betterment of the child.


It is our firm conviction that proper training first begins in the home. The home was the first institution God ordained and it is where the child first learns patterns of behavior. Each child learns to respond to discipline and authority as he reacts to the controls or guidelines of his parents. There he also learns how to respond to other individuals, either by playing with others or responding to parental direction and training. It is in the home where the child learns a value system of right and wrong. When a child is taught proper discipline and respect in the early years at home, he is then ready to be educated and to develop the skills necessary for him to face life and eternity successfully.


Second, it is our conviction that God has also ordained His Church as the institution directly responsible for the winning of the unsaved to Christ and the exhorting and training of the saved. This responsibility includes the teaching of biblical principles of living as found in Scripture. We believe the Bible describes the local church as a body of born-again believers led by a pastor under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We affirm that children from Christian homes must be taught respect for God, His Word, and the biblical principles of His Word. We should each live by these principles. In order for us to achieve the spiritual goals we both desire your children to attain, we expect our ECS families to faithfully attend church.


Thirdly, it is our conviction that a school is an institution established by man for the education and training of our children and teens. A school should provide both an environment and a curriculum conducive to effective learning. As a Christian school, it is our responsibility to aid in the building of Christian character in our students. We believe that children should be trained to do what is right because it is right to do right. We believe that there is a natural need for well-defined boundaries governing their behavior. Since all truth is God’s truth, it is the task and goal for our school to reveal and relate truth to our daily lives. Education that is Christ-centered is a biblically integrated process of developing spiritually, mentally, and physically. The ultimate aim is not conformity to the age, but conformity to Christ.